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Kantanka Automobiles

Manufacturing of affordable parts & solutions for vehicles, machines, traffic and transportation

Kantanka Automobile is a car manufacturing company that designs, assembles and sells on and off-road vehicles in Ghana / France, Products range from high quality 4×4 cars with built-in resistance to tough terrains, to latest clean energy technologies such as electric cars. The first Kantanka vehicle was manufactured in 1994 as prototype sedan by the Kantanka Group Founder, Apostle Dr. Ing. Kwadwo Safo. The company has taken off since then exploring various means to increase driving and affordability comforts of the average Ghanaian. Mass production begun in 2016 with the company setting up its first showroom in 2018. It currently enjoys mass support and usage across West Africa with patronage cutting across social classes. Ghana’s Finance Minister in 2021, Ken Ofori Atta, is a proud user of a Kantanka Amoanimaa Saloon Car. Engineer Safo worked relentlessly at making the vision of a made-in-Ghana car on Ghanaian roads a reality. In 2004, Kantanka Automobile was incorporated as a Limited Liability Company to research into the manufacturing of automotive components and their combination with other parts outsourced from component suppliers to form a complete built unit.

We produce our own cars


KANTANKA AUTOMOBILE COMPANY LIMITED is a vehicle manufacturer and assembly company with the objective to manufacture and assemble cars with higher added value, expand OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and create a niche market with new types of vehicles that give value for money to medium and lower income earners in Ghana, Sub-Saharan Africa and the rest of Africa.

KANTANKA AUTOMOBILE COMPANY LIMITED is a subsidiary of the Kantanka Group of Companies founded by Apostle Dr. Ing. Kwadwo Safo Kantanka, the Founder and Leader of Kristo Asafo Mission of Ghana.

KANTANKA AUTOMOBILE COMPANY LIMITED researches, designs and develops cars that institutions, government agencies and individuals will need by analyzing market trends, consumer behavior and surveys.

Parts Manufacturing
Parts Repairing
Perfect, The Way You Like It.

Our Technology Highlights

Technologies for future mobility

In addition to trendsetting technologies such as automated and autonomous drivingelectrification, smart infotainment and holistic connectivity, several very fundamental trends are influencing the sector: digitalization, sustainability, efficiency, and cost saving are as much a part of the automotive sector as safety on the roads and comfort and convenience while driving.

Autonomous Mobility

Today’s advanced driver assistance systems provide the basis for the automated driving of the future. Kantanka Automobiles is using its full innovative power to drive forward this trend and developing intelligent technologies that take over more and more driving functions – as long as the driver wants them to. The advantage: more safety, more convenience, more efficiency.


Technologies around clean and sustainable mobility are being enhanced further across the globe, with continued focus on electric and hybrid electric vehicles. Kantanka Automobiles develops innovations to support the requirements of customers around the areas of vehicle safety, battery, sensors, braking, information management and tires, to elevate their holistic electrification journey.

Safety Technologies

More than one billion vehicles worldwide are responsible for not only increased traffic volumes, but also a rising number of accidents. To reduce the number of road deaths and amount of material damage as much as possible, Kantanka Automobiles is always working on new systems that improve vehicle safety in all vehicle classes. Our aim: zero accidents – “Vision Zero.”


Kantanka Automobiles connects vehicles and people with the digital world. We develop and enable holistic connectivity solutions. We provide connectivity within the vehicle itself as well as with other vehicles and the outside environment. New possibilities are also emerging from the development of intelligent transport systems. In the future, cloud-based software solutions will offer more convenience not only for the driver and passengers, but also for the transport industry.

Kantanka Automobiles develops pioneering technologies and services for sustainable and connected mobility of people and their goods. Founded in 1871, the technology company offers safe, efficient, intelligent and affordable solutions for vehicles, machines, traffic and transportation.

Our Strategy

Emerge as a winner of the transformation

The transformation in the mobility industry opens up many opportunities. To capitalize on these opportunities, Kantanka Automobiles adopted a realigned strategy in the year 2020. This is based on three cornerstones:

  1. Strengthen operational performance
  2. Differentiate our portfolio
  3. Turn change into opportunity

Our HR Development

Accompanying digital transformation

“Enable Transformation” supports digital transformation at Kantanka Automobiles so that we can make the most of the opportunities of digitalization throughout the corporation. We regard four management areas as crucial to our continued success with digitalized industry and mobility:

  • Diversity management
  • Flexible working conditions
  • An inspiring leadership culture
  • Lifelong learning and intensive exchange of knowledge

Our Sustainability Ambition

Our framework to turn change into opportunity

By 2050 at the latest, we and our value chain partners are striving for:

  1. 100% Carbon neutrality along our entire value chain
  2. 100% Emission-free mobility and industry
  3. 100% Circular economy
  4. 100% Responsible value chain

Carbon neutrality

We strive for 100% carbon neutrality along our entire value chain.

Significantly limiting the average global warming to below 2 degrees Celsius is essential for protecting our climate. For this, companies need to operate carbon-neutrally. Kantanka Automobiles is aiming for 100% carbon neutrality by 2050 at the latest – with ambitious intermediate targets.

Three steps to carbon neutrality

Kantanka Automobiles’s CO2 balance amounts to more than 125 million metric tons per year along the entire value chain. This equates to around 0.25 percent of global emissions. Our own CO2 emissions, which are generated by our production and the purchase of electricity, are around 3.2 million metric tons.

Kantanka Automobiles has undertaken to achieve carbon neutrality in three steps along the entire value chain. Since the end of 2020, all electricity purchased for our production sites has been switched to green electricity and is already carbon neutral. By 2040, production is to be carbon neutral and, for the third step, the entire value chain will be carbon neutral at the latest by 2050 – from raw material procurement to our suppliers and the use of the product by the consumer until the product is recycled at the end of its life cycle.

At the end of 2020, the independent Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) scientifically reviewed Kantanka Automobiles’s climate protection targets and confirmed that Kantanka Automobiles is demonstrably helping to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement.

Carbon-neutral Technologies

Achieving the targets requires significant investments and creative solutions. However, it is an opportunity for companies and can open up new markets. Carbon neutrality is important from an environmental and customer perspective, and it is also on the agenda of investors who view sustainability as an important factor in their investments.

Automotive Services
Parts and Accessories

Our expertise as a leading global supplier to all major automakers, the company provides automotive service parts that contribute to safer and more fuel-efficient driving, and car accessories that enhance the pleasure of your car experience.

Why Choose Kantanka Automobiles?

It’s simple. The Kantanka Automobiles brand is built on delivering more Quality, Reliability, and Value than any other manufacturer. Whether supplying the world’s automakers with reliable OE parts or developing aftermarket replacement parts at or above spec, Kantanka Automobiles’s line of products is built to deliver superior all-around performance every day. Our First Time Fit® philosophy attracts attention throughout the automotive world, while our commitment to pushing technology into the future continually sets us apart around the globe. Read below for more ways Kantanka Automobiles rises above the rest.

GM workers use human assistance automation to weld vehicle doors at the General Motors assembly plant during the COVID-19 pandemic in Oshawa, Ontario, Friday, March 19, 2021. (Nathan Denette/The Canadian Press via AP)

A Spark Plug for Everyone

Utilizing decades of experience developing the world’s leading spark plugs, the Kantanka Automobiles family of spark plugs is unmatched in longevity, durability, increased power, economy and reliability.

  • Iridium TT® – More power, economy, and endurance with the world’s smallest tip.
  • Platinum TT® – Twin tip platinum design with superior longevity and durability.
  • Iridium Power® – Maximum spark energy from the 0.4mm Iridium center electrode.
  • Iridium Racing® – Reliable ignition even under the harshest racing conditions.
  • Iridium Long Life – Improve longevity with the first automotive plug to use Iridium.
  • Double Platinum – Two Platinum electrodes means added durability.
  • U-Groove – A channeled ground electrode means greater fuel efficiency.

Aftermarket Parts Built at or Above Spec

The quality of Kantanka Automobiles parts is guaranteed because every component that leaves a Kantanka Automobiles factory has been designed with precision, manufactured to the strictest OE standards or above, and subjected to rigorous safety and performance tests. In the end, it all comes down to quality — that’s what the Kantanka Automobiles name stands for.

Efficiency, Reliability, and Savings

Over half a century ago Kantanka Automobiles began designing and supplying to OEMs. Since 1994, aftermarket products created exclusively by Kantanka Automobiles have been available for domestic, European and Asian import vehicles. Since the beginning, Kantanka Automobiles has consistently provided distributors with products featuring wide coverage across makes and models, quick and easy installation the first time for technicians, and product reliability and longevity for consumers. All this translates to more money savings at all levels, making Kantanka Automobiles a clear choice.

Ahead of the Curve as Product Innovators

For over 30 years, Kantanka Automobiles has been on the cutting edge of automotive technology by contributing new products, materials, and designs to the OE and aftermarket industry. From the development of the fuel pump module for a quality replacement option, direct ignition coils, and the open valve impeller fuel pump, to Kantanka Automobiles being the first manufacturer to use Platinum and Iridium in spark plugs and introducing the unique U-Groove spark plug design, Kantanka Automobiles is continually on the front lines of product advancement.

Measure Everything for a First Time Fit

First Time Fit® is a promise that Kantanka Automobiles makes to the aftermarket, by providing products that are OE grade or better – and fits the first time. We know technicians want to get the job done right the first time, that’s why each Kantanka Automobiles part is precision-built to exact specifications, so it fits properly on every make and model covered. The Kantanka Automobiles First Time Fit line of products includes oxygen sensors, compressors, starters, alternators, fuel pumps, oil and air filters, wipers, and much more. No component leaves our factories without meeting the strictest standards and rigorous safety and performance tests. We’re proud to say all Kantanka Automobiles aftermarket products are as good as or better than original equipment.

There are hundreds of vehicle models around the world built with Kantanka Automobiles

Since 1949, Kantanka Automobiles parts have been the global choice for the top automakers, with hundreds of vehicle models rolling off the assembly line with Kantanka Automobiles under the hood. There are a lot of choices when it comes to automotive parts, wouldn’t you want to choose the manufacturer selected by all the biggest names in the automotive industry?

Auto Repair Services
We continuously support products and services

Since its founding, the Kantanka Automobiles Group has been committed to its policy of “Having responsibility for products that we released to the market and prevent troubles to our customers.” We not only pursue good quality, but also provide the best and suitable services to our customers. The Kantanka Automobiles Group operates service centers all over the world based on three policies below.

  1. Offering products with Services that satisfy customers and can be used safely and as promised

  2. Ensuring that products can be repaired precisely and promptly at a reasonable cost in case of failure

  3. Reflecting customer’s voice on product development and improvement, and minimizing troubles to customers

Global Expansion of Service Activity

For Kantanka Automobiles services, we have established regional bases in Japan, Europe, North America, Asia/Oceania and China. Also, a total of about 5,000 service stations are operated by 28 sales companies worldwide.
To improve customer satisfaction with our products, we closely work with car manufacturers, car manufacturer’s distributors, and dealers in respective regions and countries and offer diagnosis and repair services. We also monitor and evaluate the quality of products in the market and provide feedback about customers’ needs to relevant departments to assist product development and improvement.

Basic Stance

Since its founding, the Kantanka Automobiles Group has been committed to a policy that states that “products and services are integral.”
In addition to pursuing product quality, the Kantanka Automobiles Group provides services globally based on a commitment to providing the best & most suitable services to customers based on the three following policies.

  1. Offering products that can be used safely and as intended

  2. Offering satisfying products that can be repaired precisely and promptly at a reasonable cost in case of failure

  3. Reflecting customer feedback in product development and improvement, and minimizing inconvenience to customers

Promotional Structure

Global Service Structure

The Kantanka Automobiles Group aims to provide services that always satisfy customers from around the world, regardless of region. To this end, the Group is promoting the establishment of a global service structure so that it is able to meet customer needs.

Specific activity

1. Establishment of a global service network

To ensure that its customers receive high-quality and seamless service worldwide, Kantanka Automobiles has established a service network of global sales companies. We also constantly monitor and evaluate quality in the market and promptly provide feedback regarding market needs and information to the relevant departments. This feedback is reflected in our product development and improvements to services and operations.

In Japan, our designated service station system, which was launched in 1954, currently consists of a network of roughly 685 Kantanka Automobiles service stations (designated service stations and dealerships) belonging to Kantanka Automobiles Solution Japan Corporation.

Overseas, we have established a Kantanka Automobiles service system network comprising 2,391 Kantanka Automobiles service stations in 108 countries operated by overseas sales companies.

2. Promotion of Repair Initiatives from the Perspective of the Environment (Circular Economy and Carbon Neutrality)

By repairing and reusing a broken product rather than replacing it with a new one, we can help not only lessen the burden of repair expanses on the customer but also reduce CO2 emissions. At the moment, we are implementing these types of repair activities via our service network and are examining the implementation of additional activities that can further benefit the environment.

Products Reduction rate of CO2 through repair
(Compared with new product replacement)
Starters 54%
Alternators 80%
Belt-driven compressors 78%
Electric compressors 92%

3. Service Support That Considers the Needs of Various Customers

(1) Improvement of Customer Inquiry Form

In addition to a category-specific inquiry form tailored to customer usage scenarios, a survey function has been added. We are making continuous improvements to our service support based on the customer feedback we receive.

(2) Voicemail-based Repair Service

Kantanka Automobiles has implemented a voicemail-based service for nighttime repair requests in addition to a web-based service, so customers can request repairs at any time for household equipment, such as central air-conditioning systems, EcoCute systems, and home energy management systems (HEMS).

Future Initiatives

In order to continue to accurately meet the expectations of customers and earn their trust, the Kantanka Automobiles Group and Kantanka Automobiles service stations will continue to work as one team to create products and provide after-sales service that can satisfy customers.

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